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Some ideas
Hi everyone, I'm not sure where to post my ideas about the game. When I heard about it, I was excited ! Furious Seas can easily become the best pirate game in VR. Maybe I can help by giving my impressions. I have some ideas. An open world which gives us the possibility to explore, fight some pirates, find some treasures in caves or under the sea. I think every fight should be risky and rewarded with treasures or gold. Maybe we can also steal food or equipment from our enemies, in their ship. Very important in my opinion, the gold we found should be used to buy weapons, accessories, to pay our crew, to trade items or to improve our ship ! An open world with the possibility to upgrade our ship constantly means already that the game will be almost endless. For example we can add cannons to it, upgrade them (power, speed, reload, rotation...) or upgrade the ship itself (weight, speed, wind resistance with the sail, the possibility to set 1, 2 or maybe 3 sails of different size, to upgrade the resistance of the shell...). Why not buy another ship ? Another thing very important, I think, is the possibility to move out of the ship. To go in town, to fight with sword/saber/gun. It could be great to jump into the enemy ship if we want to. Stats can be good for the ship. Adding a lot of weapons could make it powerful but slower, for example. If we pay the crew, it can be good to recruit them in different places of the world (it means we have to travel a lot, to discover who is better to navigate, to fight, to handle cannon, to fix the ship or other things). It's like in Final Fantasy X when you find players for Blitzball :') For people who don't play in multi, paying a good crew with good stats can be a good idea to balance the difficulty. According to me, the cannons used to shoot our ennemies should be more realistics (nothing to indicate direction, rotation limited...) Items such as woods, ropes and fabrics could be stored and used to repair the ship. This is a VR game so why not grabbing those items and use a loading circle to show how much time does it left ? The 3 can be easily find in enemies ships. Instead of killing everybody, making alliances or having some kind of reputation, charisma, intimidation stats in interactions seems to be a good idea. Here is a strange idea but... even if we have a map of the world, sending a bird or an explorer on a boat to discover a small area that we chosed on the map can be fun Bigger ship with the "bottom floor" also available. Crazy fun idea : with VR controllers, we can climb the net to the top of the boat or we can swing on a rope :') Ok I think that's a lot ahah. I really hope this game will become an endless unavoidable game ^^
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